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"My first experience dealing with your logistic company was nothing short of fantastic. As I indicated to you in our first conversation, this shipment became a huge last minute priority and you pulled it off for us. I will certainly keep your company in mind for future loads.

Thanks again,

Sandy B."



"A Huge Kudos to the team! With the chairs being off loaded right now at AB Hospital we have a very happy client. The personal attention and obvious teamwork that was given to this situation is greatly appreciated. While hurdles do come up on every project, they continue to be one the best suppliers that I work with. Thank you very much for your help in getting this hospital up and running on time and with great products.


Karrie L."




It’s great that you’ve been able to help us out on this lane. Everything’s going excellent, the service has been fantastic.

Thanks very much for the hats!! Your driver stopped in today.

Shannon W."



"To your team,

Thank you so very much for getting that paper next day to my client. You have made us look very good. He said he would NEVER forget that we got him out of a jam with one of his most important clients.

So for that, I truly thank you. Please forward my thanks to YOUR TEAM, awesome job.

This is why in my books All-Connect is the BESTEST!!!

Thanks again!

Enjoy your day,

Ella W."



"Ian & Norm,

Just wanted to thank you for taking time to meet with me the other week.

Again, we really appreciate what All-Connect does to assist with our transportation/logistics needs...you should be very proud!!

Best Regards

Jon G."




Just wanted to congratulate your team on the monitoring and prompt delivery of a recent shipment from Columbus, Ohio to Winona, Ontario.

Our customer needed inventory at their Winona plant Saturday morning. All-Connect picked up the one skid of product on Friday and delivered at 10:30am Saturday. Your after-hours dispatcher was able to call me with this satisfactory update Saturday morning.

Our customer sent us a thank-you for the prompt reaction to their requirement, and I wanted to say that your staff and driver should be congratulated on their dedication in helping us meet our customer’s needs.

Thanks for all the years of great service.


Mary C."



"Hello everyone,

Just wanted to send a message to thank all of you for the exceptional job on all the orders this very busy quarter, awesome team at All-Connect, appreciate all of the support and commitment.


Donna P."



"To all involved in this successful delivery in Toronto:

On behalf of myself and the Underground group I would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this delivery. I do realize that a lot of things had to fall in place and people had to drop what they were doing to make this happen. Obviously our goal in the UGC group is to have as few as possible emergency situations like this.

I have communicated with the customer and they are very pleased and impressed that we could deliver in such a short notice.

Again, Thank You !!
Your efforts are very much appreciated !!

Brad K."



"Hi All-Connect,

There was a small discrepancy but it was resolved efficiently and effectively. We received our load on time in Ottawa this morning. I am very impressed. I really appreciate All-Connect's professionalism in this matter and how everything was handled, from regular communication updates to the follow through with the pick-up and delivery service.

Your team did a fantastic job!

Best regards,

Robert H."



"Good Morning Team All Connect,

I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your extremely
prompt and effective actions that ensured the delivery was successful!  
I appreciate all your efforts and look forward to working with All
Connect again under less restricted time constraints.

Have a great day,

Elaine D."



"Thank you everyone, for making this delivery happen.
It's a huge relief for us and for the end customer.

And thanks to the All-Connect Team for your "recovery".
It's true that problems will always happen, but at the end of the day, what really matters is how well we can handle them and whether we come out on the other side.... maybe a little worn out..... but successful.

My sincere appreciation for all your effort.

Best regards,

Karen D."



"I just wanted to say I love your new system of confirming pickup and delivery.  It really helps me keep track of my orders and that's a wonderful thing.  Please pass this message on to customer service folks for me.


Linda C."



"Just wanted to send you a note to commend your staff on their tremendous effort to pickup resin for us yesterday from New Jersey. This order was extremely hot and your staff came through as always for us.

Best regards,

Donna P."



Our Customer Service Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer care through communication, on-time delivery, and value added services by our knowledgeable team who are dedicated to continuous enhancement of logistics.