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Jail-n-Bail 2011 Mugshot

All-Connect and Shuttle Express proudly participated in the Canadian Cancer Society’s 2011 Jail-N-Bail Event on Wednesday, April the 13th. Along with help from the Halton Regional Police, offenders were either arrested at their place of employment, or turned themselves in at the Oakville Place Shopping Mall’s Centre Court, where they were brought before a guest Judge to plea their case.


Our very own jailbirds, Kristina and Spencer, turned themselves in. They were charged with scalping Maple Leaf Playoff Tickets. They were fingerprinted, dressed in prison garb and had their mug shots taken.


Charged With Fraud - Scalping Maple Leaf Playoff Tickets

Constables Laurel Barnett and Mike Dinsmore, who ensured there were no bail jumpers, accompanied our convicts to the Judge’s table.
Before the Judge
Guest Judge Roger Lapworth (Ward 4 Councilor) informed the defendants that they were charged with “Scalping Maple Leafs Playoff Tickets”.
Kristina and Spencer failed to convince the Judge of their innocence (or wishful thinking the Leafs could still make the playoffs) and their bail was set at $300. From there, they were thrown into their jail cell with nothing but bread, water and a cell phone to raise bail with. 

Doing Time For a Good Cause

By the end of the afternoon, our jailbirds were able to make bail by raising $640. A grand total of $11,300 raised by the 9 convicts collectively. 

Our "Jailbirds"

All proceeds from the event goes towards funding Canadian Cancer Research, as well as helping to provide information services and support programs in the community.

In addition to participating in the Jail-N-Bail event, All-Connect & Shuttle Express also made a contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society's 2011 Daffodil Days campaign, which raised a total of $71,000.



Make a Donation

Cancer is a disease that affects everyone in his or her lifetime, whether it be witnessing a loved one’s battle or surviving cancer yourself. You can help find a cure by making a contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society, please visit the Donation page.

 Jail-N-Bail Canadian Cancer Society Logo

To view all the photos from the Jail-N-Bail Oakville 2011 event, visit our Flickr Photo Set.





Please note: Although bail was made, Kristina and Spencer will remain on probation until the Leafs win the Stanley Cup!





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