What is the scope of All-Connect's business?

All-Connect covers all facets of freight transportation throughout North America. See Services and Equipment.

Who do I contact for service information?

Email – of call 1-800-388-7947.

In the past I have had unsuccessful experiences when using a third party logistical services provider. What separates All-Connect from the others in this sector?

When warranted, we feel it is only prudent to do your own due diligence and research when forming new business partnerships. At All-Connect, we have always taken the necessary measures to establish and ensure creditability in the marketplace.

Am I too small or too large to become a customer?

We are able to accommodate customers and shipments of all sizes and needs.

How do I set up an account with All-Connect?

Contact our professional sales team for assistance by calling 1-800-388-7947 or Email –

What are your hours of operation?

7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  24/7 after hours response team. Call 1-800-388-7947.

Can I request a pickup through the internet

Yes, our website is able to provide this function. Call 1-800-388-7947 to be set up with a login.

Can I trace my shipments through the website?

Yes, up to the minute, tracking updates are continually posted on our tracking module. Call 1-800-388-7947 to be set up with a login.

To track your shipment via email, please send your request to

Do you have EDI or some form of electronic commerce?

Yes. Please email us your request at

Do you service outside the USA and Canada?

Yes, we service Mexico and for your convenience we also offer services abroad.

Can you handle bonded freight?


Where can I request proof of insurance and can I be named as the insured?

Yes. Please email us your request at

Do you provide outsource traffic management?

Yes, we would be very interested in discussing this matter at your convenience. Please call 1-800-388-7947.

How do I know that the carriers used by All-Connect are properly licensed and insured?

Once the carrier has provided and fulfilled rigorous standards of compliance (developed in collaboration with customers) the records and files are stored and updated on a daily basis. All-Connect also has their own blanket contingency policy.

Do you handle dangerous goods?

Yes, our staff is fully trained and certified.

What documentation do I need to ship from Canada to the USA?

Visit our Forms Library.

What documentation do I need to ship from the USA to Canada?

Visit our Forms Library

Why choose a reputable 3PL?

Utilizing a third party to assist shippers in finding trucking companies to move their freight is an ingrained part of the supply chain. But some shippers are coming to the conclusion that to be fair to their carriers they have a responsibility to work with freight brokers who treat their carriers in a businesslike manner.

What makes a quality freight broker?

Here are some tips that should assist shippers in finding the quality freight broker:

• Is the broker asset based or is it someone working out of their basement with a fax machine? Asset based brokers are preferred by the carrier community.
• Does your freight broker pay their bills? Ask the freight broker for references and check with other shippers to find out if they have received calls from carriers for non-payment as a result of dealing with the freight broker in question.
• What are the freight broker’s payment terms? If they don’t have any of have a prolonged period this should send warning bells to you.
• Does the freight broker have insurance liability?

The key message is know whom you are dealing with. The freight broker represents you and your company. Do you want your corporation associated with an individual who engages in poor business practices?

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