Healthy Fleet Challenge – The Results are In!
1 Mar

Healthy Fleet Challenge – The Results are In!

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Congratulations to Jim Manning!!! 2nd place on the leaderboard, helping Team All-Connect get to the top 5 in the Company Standings spot overall !!! That is amazing!

Thank-you to all the participants who were involved in the last challenge!  Good work everyone!!



The Healthy Fleet Challenge wrapped up last night at midnight, and we are excited to announce the final standings.

Participant Standings

2. Jim Manning, All-Connect Logistical Services

Company Standings

5. All-Connect Logistical Services

Congratulations to all of our participants over the past couple of months! We have witnessed so much, including people quitting their soda addictions, exercising for the first time in years, and losing weight they thought they’d have forever.

The participants from all different companies and roles came together to motivate and encourage each other throughout the challenge, and as a result have created friendships and bonds across the industry.

We’ll be putting together a full list of standings shortly and will share some of the other results, including weight loss numbers, achievments, and more. Stay tuned, and stay healthy!

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